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With millions of pricing data points for items sold via our sustainable liquidation platform, you'll make better domestic and export trades, faster.

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Pollen provides multichannel inventory liquidation

Categories of products we help liquidate

Food & drink

Make up & cosmetics

Hair care

Face care

Body care


Laundry & cleaning

Household goods



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More Transparency, More Optionality, More Sustainability

Take control of your inventory

Get pricing suggestions to help you recover costs and clear surplus products quickly. Also, keep track of all current offers and historical orders to make better data-driven decisions.

Multichannel liquidation

Choose your preferred markets and liquidation channels: B2B online marketplace, private marketplace, direct catalogs to selected buyers, B2C sales, or donation partners.

Reduce business waste

Measure your contribution to sustainability by tracking batch-level data in real time to measure GHG and carbon footprint for your end-of-product life and ESG reporting.
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Complete peace of mind with Know Your Customer (KYC)

We vet all buyers and donation partners beforehand to ensure you will always have smooth inventory liquidation transactions. All potential buyers are required to sign up for Pollen Pass membership before they can access detailed listings and make offers.

Likewise, all donation partners we work with have been vetted by our team. So you can rest assured that our channels and the offers you receive are 100% legitimate.
Peace of mind
100% legitimate transactions
Historical data

How to Start Selling with Pollen's Liquidation Management System

Get a free LMS account to start listing excess and obsolete inventory, and receive offers from Pollen's verified buyers around the world

Onboard quickly and easily to Pollen's LMS

Sign up for free

With self-guided onboarding, getting started is a breeze. Our Customer Success team is on hand to assist if required.
Upload inventory and start liquidating

Upload inventory

Upload in bulk or individual SKUs, set geographical restrictions, get pricing suggestions, and activate listing.
Approve offers received easily

Approve offers

Once offers are approved, we help with logistics arrangements so all you need to do is prepare products for shipping.

All the data and analytics you need, at your fingertips

Make better decisions, faster together.

Pollen LMS analytics dashboard

For multiple stakeholders

Whether the Finance team wants to track cost recovery at batch-level, or the Sustainability department needs to know key metrics like tonnage saved from landfills or GHG emissions, get it all in one place with Pollen.

Real time updates

Pollen's LMS analytics updates as offers come in, trades are made, and items shipped, so you always have the latest liquidation data on hand.

Export with a click

Since Pollen's LMS is designed to minimize processes and time spent on sustainable liquidation, export the relevant data anytime you need it for your own reporting or planning purposes.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Pollen's Liquidation Management System
Is there a free trial available?
Yes, you can set up your account for free and start listing excess and obsolete inventory quickly. Our team is happy to provide you with a guided walkthrough and assist you in optimizing listings.
What does Pollen charge?
Pollen only charges a commission (calculated as percentage of GMV) on successful orders.
Can I stop listing on Pollen whenever I want?
We understand that things change. You can remove your listings whenever you choose to.
Does Pollen accept all products from all countries?
Pollen accepts all inventory except tobacco and tobacco-related items, alcohol, medicine, and any other items the team deems unsuitable for sale through our marketplace.

Pollen reserves the right to refuse inventory from conflict or sanctioned locations.
Do I need to install Pollen's LMS on my computer or servers?
Pollen's Liquidation Management System is cloud-based, with no installation required.

Want to know more?

If you'd like more information on Pollen's Liquidation Management System or how to liquidate excess inventory sustainably, check out our dedicated FAQ page for more information or contact our Customer Success team via the button below.

What sellers say about Pollen

“Pollen’s sales of 18,000+ cases has now reached a new level of acknowledgment globally.”

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