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Towards a zero-waste world, together

Pollen is a private B2B liquidation marketplace, committed to reducing global business waste by connecting sellers of excess inventory with global buyers.

Customers benefit from sustainability and pricing analytics to find the best liquidation outcome that reduces usable products from being disposed of in landfills.
Buy and sell excess, obsolete, and slow-moving inventory easily with Pollen.

Multimarket & Multilingual

Our remote team of experts across disciplines harness local, regional, and global know-how and networks for the benefit of our customers


Pollen Tech Pte Ltd


Pollen Tech Sdn Bhd


PT. Pollen Tech Indonesia (1010220062121)


Pollen Tech India Private Limited (U62099KA2023FTC171707)


Remote Team
Sales, Design, Engineering


Remote Team
Product & Engineering


Our values are simple: Empathy, Transparency, and Curiosity.


More than pretty words and rationalizations, we believe in connecting with others to fully understand their motivations, concerns, thoughts, and feelings.

In this way, whenever we speak or take action, we do so with complete alignment of values and visions.


When one succeeds, all succeed. At Pollen, we don’t hide behind titles, paperwork, or invisible lines between teams and departments.

As a team, we openly share ideas and news as they happen in order to ensure any decisions made are as informed as possible.


We don’t believe that the world is static, that what has always worked until now will continue to work in the future.

We continuously learn, innovate, experiment, explore, and take educated risks in order to act on possibilities for the betterment of the world.