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Aichi Prefecture "Start-up Companies" Panel Discussion

Aichi Prefecture is promoting a program to support overseas "start-ups" that create innovative businesses.

On April 16, entrepreneurs held a panel discussion in Nagoya to promote their business plans to companies in the prefecture.

14 entrepreneurs from overseas that participated in the prefectural program attended the panel discussion held in Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya city. 

50 companies from the prefecture(domestic companies)  interested in their businesses also attended the event. 

At the beginning of the panel discussion, Governor Omura delivered a video message, saying, "Aichi Prefecture is ready to welcome startups. Let's start innovation from Aichi Prefecture.”

During the panel discussion, entrepreneurs from overseas presented their business plans to companies in Aichi Prefecture.

A Singaporean entrepreneur introduced a service that reduces inventory loss by using AI to analyze the prices customers want for products that remain unsold in stores.

In addition, the participants listened attentively to the presentation of innovative business ideas using the latest robot technology, 3D printers, and other technologies.

A female entrepreneur from Singapore said, "There are many manufacturing companies in Aichi, and people are thinking about the future. We are looking for local partner companies that we can work with".

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