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Frequently Asked Questions

About Pollen

What is Pollen?
How does Pollen work?
Where is Pollen incorporated?
Where are Pollen’s team members located?
Why does Pollen call its work “sustainable liquidation”?
If I’m based in a country where Pollen does not have an office, can I still liquidate inventory through Pollen?

Liquidating Excess Inventory With Pollen

Does Pollen accept all types of inventory or products?
Does Pollen accept products from all countries?
Does Pollen facilitate recycling and/or donations?
Can I restrict the types of buyers and/or locations I want to allow to purchase my listings?
Is Pollen available in multiple languages?
Does Pollen offer dispute resolution services?
Can I list on Pollen as well as other platforms, or am I bound by an exclusivity contract?
Can I stop listing on Pollen whenever I want?
How will Pollen know if my inventory in listing is accurate?
Will Pollen verify the condition and quantity of all my items before listing?
Are the buyers on Pollen’s marketplace legit and trustworthy?
Does Pollen hide the SKUs of my products?
Will I earn carbon credits from liquidating through Pollen?
What if a buyer violates the terms of sale I imposed? 
E.g. selling the items in locations I blacklisted, misrepresenting themselves as a member of my company etc?
What happens if a buyer’s offer is accepted but the buyer changes their mind?

About Pollen's Liquidation Management System (LMS)

Do I need to install the LMS on my server or computers?
Do I need to integrate the LMS to my other systems e.g. ERP, warehousing?
Do I need to integrate with logistics and payments providers?
Is my data safe and secure?
Will the LMS slow my systems down?
What happens if I forget my password?
Does the LMS have an approval / authorization / review process flow to prevent errors or malicious actions?
What if I or my employee am leaving the company - can login credentials be transferred to another employee?
Does Pollen need to verify my company credentials and products before I can start listing?
Does Pollen guarantee sale of my listings if I use your LMS?
Is there support available for LMS use, and if so how accessible is it?
I don’t have images of my items - can Pollen find these pictures for me, or can I just use Google images?

Pricing and Payments

Do I have to pay Pollen to list my products?
What exchange rate does Pollen use for payments (subscription to LMS, payments from buyers)?
Do I need to integrate with logistics and payments providers?
How much does Pollen charge for listing and sale of products?
What payment platform does Pollen use, what is the fee, and how safe is it?
How long does it take for me to receive my money from successful sales?

Can I choose to receive funds via bank transfer or any other means I prefer?
Can I get a refund if I don’t manage to sell any items via Pollen’s marketplace?


Do I have to handle logistics of products or will Pollen take care of it?
Do I have to pay for the shipping of products to buyers?
What happens if items are damaged or missing while in transit?
Does Pollen have logistics partners who can also help me with shipping other items?
Can I designate my preferred shipping provider?
Who will coordinate with my team about shipping?
Is it a member of Pollen, the buyer, or the logistics company themselves?

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